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Climb Conic Hill

Conic Hill-3666Conic Hill provides one of the most outstanding views of Loch Lomond and the good news is that it is very accessible, especially if you’re based at The Oak Tree Inn in Balmaha.

Across the road from The Oak Tree Inn is a car park, which is also the starting point for the walk up Conic Hill. Before heading off remember to stock up at our village shop with everything that you will need.

The walk takes you through a forest with steps in places to help you climb. Once you clear the forest you will go through a turnstile, where once another set of steps has been climbed you will be out in open land. This is where you will get your first view of the loch and its islands.

If you don’t want to climb to the top of Conic Hill you are still able to enjoy these amazing views without going any further. However, it is well worth the climb to the top and the panoramic views of the landscape are outstanding.

Conic Hill-3681Recently the paths have been upgraded and although in places it is a moderate climb there is no rush and there are many points where you can stop for a breather and take in the scenery.

As you climb you will be walking over The Highland Boundary Fault line. This runs from Arran in the West, across Scotland to Stonehaven in the East. On one side you will see the Lowlands and on the other the Highlands. When you return to your starting point you can call in at the National Park’s excellent Visitor Centre where you can find out about The Highland Boundary Fault.

By the time you return to The Oak Tree you will have hopefully enjoyed one of the best views of Loch Lomond and be ready for an Ice Cream, you can enjoy one in St Mocha, our new coffee shop and Ice Cream Parlour.

Send us a message and some pictures via our social media and let us know how you got on with your climb of Conic Hill.

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