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Job Advert – Cafe Manager

We’re passionate about coffee. In 2014 our St Mocha Coffee brand began with the launch of a new coffee shop and ice cream parlour next to The Oak Tree Inn. Recently we opened Loch Lomond’s first coffee roasting facility, under the brand of Loch Lomond Coffee Co. This facility is within Balmaha’s St Mocha Coffee Shop.

Now we are underway with exciting plans to grow St Mocha further, with new outlets opening later this year. This is the perfect time to recruit a Cafe Manager to organise daily operations and motivate our staff to provide excellent customer service.

Cafe Manager responsibilities include scheduling shifts for baristas and wait staff, monitoring daily expenses and revenues and ordering supplies milk and snacks, as needed. To be successful in this role you should have work experience with various roles in coffee shops. Also, you should be available to work during opening hours, including weekends and holidays.

Ultimately, you will help increase profitability and boost customer engagement.

Please see below the job description and if this is the role for you please email your CV and introduction letter to

Job description for the position of St. Mocha Coffee Shop Manager

Title:                   St. Mocha Manager

Reports to:        Director of Operations Management

Job Purpose

The Manager will be responsible for managing and delivering value to our customers that contribute to the overall success of St. Mocha. The Manager will provide substantial leadership and supervision to a team of staff at the coffee shop so as to accomplish key performance indicators (KPIs) linked to improving business competitiveness, revenues, improving business effectiveness and efficiencies, or improving the value of the St. Mocha’s products and services to its customers and clients.

Key Result Areas (KRAs), Duties and Responsibilities

KRA.1 General Planning and Strategy

  • Develop and manage an annual operational plan and budget for St. Mocha coffee shop.
  • Facilitate weekly planning and review meetings for St. Mocha.
  • Represent the St. Mocha team in weekly management meetings.

KRA.2 Security

  • Take responsibility for the safety and security of guests, associates, and assets at St. Mocha.
  • Regularly schedule trainings for staff on Flow.
  • Works with management to quickly identify hazards and address them immediately.
  • Responsible for the day-to-day opening and closing of St. Mocha.

KRA.3 Management of Operations

  • Create a robust order management and control system for the different coffee shop production units including the Barista and Food section
  • In charge of all necessary day-to-day procurements and business operations at St. Mocha.
  • Ensure that the coffee shop meets all set standards.
  • Inspects all necessary Coffee, Food & Beverage areas for adherence to the health and sanitation guidelines/requirements.
  • Efficient cost control while ensuring minimal or zero wastage.
  • Monitor sales, stock rotations and wastage.

KRA.4 Personnel Management

  • Participate in the recruitment process of all St. Mocha staff.
  • In charge of carrying out periodic staff appraisals at St. Mocha.
  • Chair weekly performance planning, reviews and evaluation meetings.
  • Identify competency gaps and work with staff in appropriately addressing them.
  • Design and administer weekly work shift schedules.
  • Resolve staff to staff, staff and client conflicts.

KRA.5 Promotions and Advertising

  • Aggressively develop and propose innovative promotion activities of the coffee shop.
  • Work on continuously marketing St. Mocha services.
  • Develop innovative ways of promoting and advertising the St. Mocha coffee shop.
  • Periodically schedule events at St. Mocha coffee shop geared towards boosting the coffee shop increased traffic.
  • Manage and improve communications relations with staff and customers.

KRA.6 Oversight of all St. Mocha Operations

  • Ensure that all St. Mocha staff are appropriately trained.
  • Regulate the accessibility of St. Mocha.
  • Ensure the daily cleanliness of St. Mocha.

KRA.7 Periodic Reporting

  • Prepare and reconcile daily sales and expenditure status reports.
  • Prepare monthly total sales reports.
  • Prepare and submit daily expenditure reports.
  • Undertake and provide periodical performance variance reports.

KRA.8 Training and Mentorship

  • Fully participate in the skilling of staff.
  • Act as a mentor to staff.

Core Organisational Values

  • Coffee shop management knowledge and skills.
  • Exceptional time management.
  • Entrepreneurial, innovative and motivated.

Functional Competences

  • Demonstrates thorough knowledge an awareness of food and beverage quality along with background knowledge and a keen interest in food development.
  • An exceptional team builder.
  • Must possess strong leadership skills; be dependable, reliable and motivated.
  • Able to work ten hour-plus shifts, with extensive standing/walking.
  • Ability to work varied shifts, days of the week and busy holiday periods.
  • Proven track record in maintaining strong cost controls, and quality standards.

Education background and Experience

  • Essential – Significant experience as a Café Manager and skilled Barista.
  • Essential – Significant hands-on experience using professional coffee machines.
  • Essential – Current clean driving licence
  • Desirable – Experience of managing a multi-site operation e.g. 2-3 outlets.
  • Desirable – Certified qualification(s) in Business Administration or Hospitality.

Supervisees:  St. Mocha staff across multiple sites.

  • Love Loch Lomond
  • Business in the Park
  • Friends of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs

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